How to take care of cutlery made from bamboo?

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1. Make sure to clean your bamboo kitchen cutlery with warm water and natural soap after use (handwash)

2. Apply a dry cloth immediately after cleaning as oppose to letting your utensils dry themselves. Do not soak warm water into the bamboo for long periods of time, in order to avoid natural fiber splitting

3. Now and then consider cleaning with your utensils with 3 teaspoons of white vinegar mixed in one cup of water. Gently dab / apply the mixture to the surface of your utensils

4. If an odor arises / persists a natural solution to consider is to rub a lemon on the surfaces of your bamboo cutlery

5. If dried food accumulates / sticks, you can use a soft scraper to remove the food. To help avoid this, clean and dry your utensils directly after using them

6. From time to time, you may need to consider oiling (i.e. rehydrating) your bamboo kitchenware. Natural coconut, food or vegetable oils can all be used, depending on your preferences

7. Avoid using a dishwasher when cleaning your bamboo utensils to maintain longevity

Here is a video put together by the Happy Bubble, providing a visual guide to bamboo kitchenware care:

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