How easily can bacteria accumulate on bamboo utensils?

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Bamboo is often highlighted for its antibacterial properties. For some consumers this may lead to the misconception that eco friendly cutlery made from bamboo may be less likely to accumulate bacteria due to its natural properties.

Research conducted by the International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology revealed that ‘natural bamboo fiber has no natural antibacterial property compared with other textile fiber’, after researchers compared the rate at which bacteria accumulates (in suitable conditions) between bamboo fibers and conventional textile fibers.

With this in mind, we should assume that our bamboo kitchenware requires just as much attention when it comes to bacterial hygiene, as with any other kitchen utensil.

The application of white distilled vinegar can help to kill germs, bacteria and mold. You may also want to try rubbing a lemon across the surface of the utensil in order to help disinfect the bamboo.

Although good to know, it’s best to establish a simple cleaning routine, with best practice bamboo fiber care in mind when maintaining your utensils.

Here you can read our guide on how to take care of your bamboo utensils, compiled into some simple steps for you to follow.

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