What can I use instead of a plastic grocery bag?

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1. A cotton tote grocery bag

Using an organic cotton tote bag is a great alternative to a single-use plastic bag. These bags are both sturdy and fashionable. Although there is still some debate within the eco conscious community around exactly how sustainable cotton tote bags really are, there is no denying that as a replacement to single use plastic bags, there can be no complaints.

2. A cotton mesh produce bag

Reusable cotton produce bags are usually made using biodegradable and natural fibers, and use less water, energy, and oil, helping to reduce air pollution.

One of the major appeals of cotton mesh bags is that they are very reusable. They are sturdy and versatile, allowing for use in a variety of situations after their initial use. However, it is up to people to actually reuse their reusable mesh bags. Otherwise, what’s the point of them being reusable at all?

3. Large silicone bags

One reason why silicone can be used as an alternative to plastic is because it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals, such as phthalates and BPA. Again, silicone bags can be used multiple times, and even cleaned, helping to ensure less plastic waste.

Since plastic is often manufactured using crude oil sources extracted from the ground, silicone on the other hand is made from silica, which is easily found in the sand and therefore more abundant.

4. A cardboard box

Simply bringing an empty cardboard storage box to the supermarket is both convenient and environmentally friendly. Like other reusable materials, cardboard can be reused multiple times before it must recycled again, regardless of whether its corrugated fibreboard or paperboard.

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